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P'nai Or of Portland welcomes you and invites you to share in the wellspring that is Jewish Renewal!

Our joyous worship is infused with singing, chanting, and dance.  We “pray with our feet” through tikkun olam (social justice) partnerships within and beyond our local community.  We dive deeply into Torah, learning from Chassidic masters as well as other wisdom traditions. And we celebrate the divine image reflected in the rich tapestry of individuals and families – LGBT, Interfaith, Jews by Birth, and Jews by Choice – who journey with us.

P'nai Or means 'Faces of Light' in Hebrew.

Simcha School: The Love and Joy of Judaism

Simcha School, our religious education program for kids in preschool through pre-b'nai mitzvah, meets 2 Saturdays per month. The 5775 season began with a special gathering in our sukkah in October.  But it's not too late to join!

Each session begins with davvening (praying) and singing all together before breaking into separate classes for time with teachers and peers. For more information, contact Batya Podos at batsongs@gmail.com.

And We Have Adult Education, Too!

Our 5775 Adult Ed classes are under way.  Classes are all standalone, so come to as few or as many as can fit into your schedule.

We will have two Adult Education courses taught by experienced members this year. Both classes will be held on the 3rd Sunday of each month (unless otherwise noted) and continue into the summer. Melissa Carpenter’s class on “Magic Words in the Torah” (study and discussion of different meanings of a key word), will be from 2:00 to 3:30, and Bob Lowe’s class on “Siddur Study” (history and meanings of prayers in the Shema section of the morning service), will be from 4:00 to 5:30.  Next classes: Sunday, May 3 (Bob's class) and Sunday, May 17 (Melissa's class).

Every P’nai Or member is welcome to attend any of these classes at no charge. Nonmembers are also welcome, and will be charged $10 per class session.

In addition to these Adult Ed offerings, Betty Esthelle is offering a Shabbat Enrichment series on "Being a Mystic in a Scientific World" which meets after services one Saturday per month.  Next session: Saturday, April 25.

See our online calendar for the specific dates and topics of each Adult Ed class session and Shabbat Enrichment session.

Stay Up-To-Date On All Our Events

Check out our Calendar, or refer to your "Calendar" and "Announcements" mailings for the most up-to-date listing of services, classes, and events. If you're not receiving our weekly announcement emails and would like to, please contact announcements@pnaiorpdx.org and request to subscribe to "Announcements."

This Shabbat, April 25:
Shabbat Morning Services with Cathy Zheutlin and Rivkah Coburn; Shabbat Enrichment with Betty Esthelle

Please join us for Shabbat Tazria-Metzora on Saturday, April 25, at 10:00 am with Cathy Zheutlin and Rivkah Coburn.

Stay afterwards for cake (3 kinds, including gluten-free!) to celebrate ***Betty Esthelle's 88th birthday***, followed by Betty's teaching on "Being a Mystic in a Scientific World."

Next Shabbat, May 1:
Israeli-Style Kabbalat Shabbat with our Hazzan Baruch Morris and Cassandra Sagan

Please join us for Shabbat Achrei Mot-Kedushim on Friday, May 1, at 6:00 pm (note early start time!) for Israeli-Style Kabbalat Shabbat with our Hazzan Baruch Morris and Cassandra Sagan.

“Israeli-Style” Kabbalat Shabbat is back by popular demand! Led by Hazzan Baruch Morris and our “Levite Corps” of vocalists and musicians, along with kavanot by Maggidah Cassandra Sagan. “Israeli-Style” means that we will do Kabbalat Shabbat BEFORE dinner, hence the early start. So come straight from work! “Israeli-Style” means that we will sing our way through all of the Kabbalat Shabbat psalms and piyutim (hymns) and still be done with services in a little over an hour. “Israeli-Style” means that no one eats alone and everyone will have a place to go for dinner – either hosting friends or going to a friend’s house for dinner. Don’t be shy! “Israeli-Style” also means you can call your friends and invite yourself to their house for dinner – or invite them to your house. (And while there is no need to make this into a state dinner, “American-Israeli Style” means you can arrange to go out to dinner with friends if it is just too much to have company after a long week.) If you can’t find some place to go, or you are looking for more guests, please contact Baruch: 503-206-4623, hazzan@pnaiorpdx.org. And finally, “Israeli-Style” means singing at your Shabbat table! We’ll send you home with one or two zemirot (songs) to make your meal more festive. What could be better?

P'nai Or Shuk

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Abraham's Tent Interfaith Day Camp, August 20 - 24, 2012

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