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Seventh Night of Passover: Celebrate and Learn with Rabbi Hannah

Tuesday, April 11, 2023 -
7:15pm to 8:45pm

In ancient times, when we left Egypt, we bundled our belongings on our backs and made the long trek toward freedom. Leaving slavery and everything that was familiar was not an easy process. Pursued by enemies and overwhelmed by inner fears and doubts, we traveled for six wearisome days before reaching the Sea of Reeds. On the seventh day, miracles occurred, and we crossed the sea together.

Pesach celebrates our liberation from the bonds of slavery. On the first two nights of Pesach, we retell this story and reflect on the meaning of freedom at Pesach Seders. During the four Intermediate Days of Pesach, Chol HaMoed, we continue to give thanks by reciting specific Psalms. On the last two nights of Pesach, we return to a period of holiness dedicated to celebrating miracles and possibilities.
Please join us on Zoom on Tuesday, April 11, the 7th night of Pesach, Shvi’i Shel Pesach, for an evening of celebration and learning with Rabbi Hannah. We will light Yahrzeit candles and Holy Day (same kind as used on Shabbat) candles together.

Registration is free for members; suggested donation $18 from nonmembers. No one turned away for inability to pay.

Contact for Zoom link.