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P'nai Or of Portland welcomes you and invites you to share in the wellspring that is Jewish Renewal!

Our joyous worship is infused with singing, chanting, and dance.  We “pray with our feet” through tikkun olam (social justice) partnerships within and beyond our local community.  We dive deeply into Torah, learning from Chassidic masters as well as other wisdom traditions. And we celebrate the divine image reflected in the rich tapestry of individuals and families – LGBT, Interfaith, Jews by Birth, and Jews by Choice – who journey with us.

P'nai Or means 'Faces of Light' in Hebrew.

Celebrate High Holy Days 5776 with P'nai Or!
Open the Gates and Enter the New Year with P'nai Or of Portland and Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin

- Sunday, Sept 13, 6:45 pm at Unity Church: Erev Rosh Hashanah

- Monday, Sept 14, 9:30 am at Unity Church: Rosh Hashanah Day 1 (Children’s service at 10)

- Tuesday, Sept 15, 10:30 am at Cook Park in Tigard: Rosh Hashanah Day 2 and Tashlich

- Tuesday, Sept 22, 6:45 pm at Unity Church: Erev Yom Kippur/Kol Nidre

- Wednesday, Sept 23, 9:30 am at Unity Church: Yom Kippur (Children’s service at 10)

Everyone is welcome. Sliding scale donation. No ticket required. Childcare available by advance registration: admin@pnaiorpdx.org

Unity Church is located at 4525 SE Stark in Portland. Cook Park is located at 17005 SW 92nd Ave in Tigard.

Simcha School: The Love and Joy of Judaism

Simcha School, our religious education program for kids in preschool through pre-b'nai mitzvah, meets 2 Saturdays per month. The 5775 season began with a special gathering in our sukkah in October and concluded with a picnic and Israeli dancing on June 6.

Each session begins with davvening (praying) and singing all together before breaking into separate classes for time with teachers and peers. For more information or to register for the 5776 season (which starts Oct 3 in our sukkah), contact Batya Podos at batsongs@gmail.com.

And We Have Adult Education, Too!

Our 5775 Adult Ed classes are complete for the year.  Our 5776 offerings will include continued Siddur Study with Bob Lowe, and we may have additional classes as well.  Stay tuned for the details!

Stay Up-To-Date On All Our Events

Check out our Calendar, or refer to your "Calendar" and "Announcements" mailings for the most up-to-date listing of services, classes, and events. If you're not receiving our weekly announcement emails and would like to, please contact announcements@pnaiorpdx.org and request to subscribe to "Announcements."

Sundays in Elul

Please join us for our diverse program of "Sundays in Elul" workshops to help us focus on Teshuvah, Tefilah, and Tzedakah in preparation for the High Holy Days.  Here are the ones remaining:

August 30:

- 1-2:30 pm: “Embodied Practices for Elul” with Rivkah Coburn. Join us for a contemplative movement exploration to clear and open our sacred channel for deeper listening, connection, and teshuvah as we prepare our body, heart, mind, and spirit for the New Year. This workshop is user-friendly for all bodies and abilities. Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothing and to bring a spirit of curiosity. Rivkah is co-creator of Tree of Life Yoga and currently studies with Rabbi Diane Elliot in the “Embodying Spirit, En-spiriting Body” Program, https://aleph.org/programs/embodying-spirit-en-spiriting-body.

- 3-4:30 pm: “Ancient Hebrew: Bringing Life to Judaism and the Planet” with Milt Markewitz. In mid-July, Milt had lunch with Rabbi Ted Falcon to discuss the possibility that our People once spoke a very different Hebrew, one that connected us with all of life in a way that precludes us decimating the Earth and its life forms as we are now doing. The implications are planetary, who we are as Jews, and the actions we take to create meaningful lives. The learning is quite straightforward — understanding the ever changing structure of all living systems, discerning the life processes that are integral to the Hebrew (and many other languages), and recognizing the enlightened consciousness that emanates from such languages. We’ll go through the outline Milt shared with Ted, share some of his feedback, and have a healthy conversation. Milt, through his study of our Ancient Hebrew, has found a source of understanding life in a way that helps us re-tell our stories as well as make deep connections with those Peoples whose every utterance is about creating, nurturing or living life. It is from such languages that we grasp what it means to live in ecological and social balance and harmony – providing a comprehensive response to global climate change.

Sept 6:

- 1-2:30 pm: “Teshuva: Returning to our Natural Nature” with Betty Esthelle. "I have the possibility to transform my trauma into wisdom." We come together to explore and experience the miracle of creation that we are. Some of our most profound gifts have gone on without any awareness. We will TURN THEM ON -- PLUG THEM IN -- and REV THEM UP! We will use Sound, Breath, Meditation, and Visualization as we prepare for a New Year. We will discover our gifts, talents, abilities and learn how to value and nourish our lives, our families, our communities, and our society while we continue our path of Teshuva, Tefilah, and Tzedakah.

This Shabbat, Aug 28-29:
No Shabbat Services

Our next Shabbat service will be on Friday, Sept 4.

Next Shabbat, Sept 4:
Erev Shabbat with Melissa Carpenter and Beth Hirschfield

Please join us on Friday, Sept 4, 7:30 pm, for a very special Kabbalat Shabbat service for Elul with wisdom from Reb Aryeh zt"l, assisted by Melissa Carpenter and Beth Hirschfield.

P'nai Or Shuk

The shuk is open.

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Abraham's Tent Interfaith Day Camp, August 20 - 24, 2012

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