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P'nai Or of Portland welcomes you and invites you to share in the wellspring that is Jewish Renewal!

Our joyous worship is infused with singing, chanting, and dance.  We “pray with our feet” through tikkun olam (social justice) partnerships within and beyond our local community.  We dive deeply into Torah, learning from Chassidic masters as well as other wisdom traditions. And we celebrate the divine image reflected in the rich tapestry of individuals and families – LGBT, Interfaith, Jews by Birth, and Jews by Choice – who journey with us.

P'nai Or means 'Faces of Light' in Hebrew.

Simcha School: The Love and Joy of Judaism

Simcha School, our religious education program for kids in preschool through pre-b'nai mitzvah, meets 2 Saturdays per month. The 5775 season will start with a special gathering in our sukkah on Sunday, October 12, from 1 to 3 pm.

Each session begins with davvening (praying) and singing all together before breaking into separate classes for time with teachers and peers. For more information, contact Batya Podos at batsongs@gmail.com.

And We Have Adult Education, Too!

Stay tuned for the Adult Ed schedule for 5775, with classes starting in Novemberof 2014!  Classes are all standalone, so come to as few or as many as can fit into your schedule! Free for members; $10 per class for non-members. All are welcome.

Stay Up-To-Date On All Our Events

Check out our Calendar, or refer to your "Calendar" and "Announcements" mailings for the most up-to-date listing of services, classes, and events. If you're not receiving our weekly announcement emails and would like to, please contact announcements@pnaiorpdx.org and request to subscribe to "Announcements."

Special Shabbat Services October 24-25

Please join us for Shabbat Noach this weekend:

Friday, Oct 24, 7:30 pm: Kabbalat Shabbat with Rabbah D’vorah and 20s/30s leaders.

Saturday, Oct 25, 10 am: Shabbat morning with Rabbah D’vorah and a host of co-leaders, followed by sumptuous potluck lunch.

Shabbat Noach will be Rabbah D’vorah’s last service with us. Let’s cherish this time together. Please bring something delicious for our onegs this weekend.

Some thoughts from Rabbah D’vorah about this parasha: Just as Noah embarked on a journey that was totally new for him, so does P'nai Or. What will you take on the journey for the next year? Remember, we all get to go into the ark because we are the righteous of the generation. We¹ve just done such holy work for Elul and the Yamim Noraim. What teachings, skills, hopes, creations, rituals, practices, visions can we bring into the ark that keep us safe, dry, and nourished? What doesn't make it into the Ark? What practices, attitudes, fears, behaviors, beliefs do we collectively want to leave behind that are worthy of being released into the cleansing waters, just like we personally released parts of ourselves that we wanted to leave behind at tashlich?

P'nai Or Shuk

The shuk is open.

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Abraham's Tent Interfaith Day Camp, August 20 - 24, 2012

Abraham's Tent Interfaith Day Camp 2012